Have a dinner?


The Asuka Guest House serves dinner. I think it is rare for guest houses and hostels to serve dinner even if they serve breakfast.
But Asuka is in the countryside, so there are no restaurants open at night… So we have been serving dinner since the opening. We serve simple dinner, and we are thankfully popular with our guests.
And I am writing to let you know that we have changed the dinner menu a little! We used to serve it in a Bento(lunch box), but we will serve it separately. And miso soup is upgraded to pork miso soup! We also changed the system to allow customers to choose the main dish. You can also specify the desired time (18: 30 ~ 20: 30).
In addition, you can order local sake of Nara and snacks. Please relax at here during the night.
Have dinner at Asuka Guest House!




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